Doreen Rokhsar

Hi Laura!  Dan was wonderful!  We enjoyed the tour and learning from him very much!  Thank you for introducing us to him

 Doreen Rokhsar

July 28, 2019

Yaron Yativ

It wasn’t an easy decision for us to book a tour to the Vatican museum, we are a family with 3 kids (13, 9 & 3) and as much as we wanted to go there, we were afraid it will be too much for them, too boring, too long and too crowded (we’ve been there during Easter time), we even asked if it will be possible to make the tour shorter, even just 2 hours.. all are worries just faded away 10 minutes into the tour. Dan was exactly what we needed, very intelligent and straight forward, talked to the kids in their level but not in a childish way, taking us in all the short cuts, explaining things that we would never thought , spiced up the visuals with “behind the scenes” stories, and emphasized the experience of this interesting, complicated and beautiful place. Time just passed by, no single complain noted from our kids that were very impressed, the most stunning thing for me, was the fact that after we came back home, my son was asked what was the most enjoyable part of the trip, and his answer was: “The Vatican”, can’t beat this.. 

Yativ Family


Arlene Schwartz

Hi Dan
We’ve been so busy that I forgot to tell you and thank you for making our trip to Rome such a wonderful experience.
It was very nice meeting you and for such great explanations of the Vatican, forum and colosseum .
All the best.

Arlene Schwartz  30.3.19


Loux Family

Grazie Grazie! Just finished the tour before the rain. Enjoyed the day a lot. Dan was informative and fun. Could not have asked for more. Thanks again.
The Loux Family


Audrey Barry

Hi Linda,
As promised, I am forwarding you the name of an excellent tour guide we had in Rome – Daniel took us and two friends from the United States on an afternoon tour of Rome before we boarded the ship. He picked us up at the Hotel , and proceeded to give us a very enlightening tour of Rome. He really knows his history, speaks perfect English, and is very engaging. Of the 4 of us, 3 had some mobility problems – Daniel was most accommodating. He had taken Larry and Wilma on a private tour of the Vatican (they were interested in the Jewish history) when they arrived on a Friday. Larry and Wilma were so impressed with him that they told us about him, and then we decided we should all go with him on the Sunday afternoon. He certainly did not disappoint.

I have copied him so that you have his email address.


Rebecca Cole

We had an amazing time on your tours.
Thk for everything!!
Becky ,Dave,David,Sarah and Eliza.
Boston ,06.07.14