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You have already been in the Vatican…you are tired of squares…really tired of archaeological sites and museums bore you to death… That is O.K. because you can still take other 1,000 tours in Rome.
Think about a tour you would like- & we will plan it together! Here are a few ideas:
 * Let’s follow the Renaissance & Baroque artists.
 The masterpieces of the artist Caravaggio.
 The statues and fountains of Barnini.
 Frescos, statues & architecture of Michelangelo.
 Frescos & paintings of Raphael.
* Tour in Castel Saint Angelo.
* Tour in the Catecombs: the underground graves where Romans used to burry the dead in Ancient Times and at the beginning of the Christian Period.
* A tour in the archeological museum Palazzo Massimo & the roman baths of Diocletian.
* A tour in the Capitoline Museums.
* A tour in the Museum of roman Civilization.
* A tour in the ancient Appia Road: a Roman road with plenty of archeological digs.
* A tour outside or Rome, to the lakes & charming little towns.
* A tour outside or Rome to the area of Tivoli & the wonderful, fountain- filled gardens of Tivoli, or to the ancient villa of the emperor Hadrian.
* A tour I haven’t thought about, but YOU have!