According to the roman legend, the name of the city was given by  its founder: Romulus, one of the  twin brothers- Romulus and Remus who were abandoned being infants, but eventually  survived thanks to a she-wolf that found and fed them.

However, another version suggests that the name “Roma” is the result of reading backwards the latin word “Amor” – “love” in English. And, in fact, it is very easy to fall in love with this city – city that is full of contrasts.

Antique and at the same time modern: it’s layer-by-layer building began in the 8-th century B.C. and has continued up to the present day – nearly 3000 years!
The city that is considered the birthplace of the whole western civilization, along with Athens and Jerusalem.

The city that was a Capital of an enormous empire – larger than the European Union.

Secular and religious: is the spiritual capital of the Christian religion, but at the same time being one of the most significant commercial, cultural and artistic centers of this boot shaped country. It is a city of fashion and shopping centers, of high-quality furniture stores and the finest restaurants with tastes of a home local kitchen and, of course, needless to say, it is a city of a wide variety of museums with an endless number of precious works of art.

Mediterranean and european: is a wonderful combination of a mediterranean culture with its warm-hearted people, sunny days and delicious food and being one of the most meaningful capital cities of Europe as well as a midmost between the North and South of Italy.

Quiet and Noisy: its narrow and picturesque alleys downtown are so dissimilar to its loud roads jammed by hurried cars that cross the city lengthwise and broad-wise.

In conclusion, it’s definitely worth it to visit Rome, after all: “all the roads lead to Rome”.

A few words of myself…

My name is Dan (Daniel) Shlazingar and I have been so far living in Rome for 23 years! I graduated with a degree in architecture, however for the last 16 years I have worked in the tourism sphere. After having studied hard for a few years, I was licensed by the official authorities of Italy to be a tourist guide. I have a rich experience in guiding groups and families in English and Hebrew languages, and hundreds of people were acquainted with Rome by me.