Borghese gallery

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  • Length of tour: about 3 hours.
  • A must-see tour for art lovers!
Among the impressive variety of museums in this magnificent city, visitors might find themselves at museums of ancient art, modern art, and, of course, museums of archeology.
If one wishes to see all the beauty this endless city has to offer a tourist  It would take him at least one month!
One of the most impressive and visited museums is the spectacular Borghese Gallery which is located in a beautiful park ,The Villa Borghese – the Central Park of Rome.
When the locals come here to have a picnic with their families, especially on sunny Sundays, this place turns into a lovely tourists site.

In the past, the Park and the gallery were the property of Cardinal Scipione Borghese, who is more well-known for his love of great art than for his religious activities.

In the gallery, there can be found statues from the Roman Empire as well as gorgeous oil paintings created by such great artists of Baroque and Renaissance periods as RaphaelCaravaggioRubens and others. Here you will find the stunning  collection of a sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini – an artist who had a greater impact on the city’s art than any other.

The” must see” tour for art lovers!