Jewish life in Rome

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  • Length of tour: about 3 hours.
Not many of us know this, but here in Rome still lives the oldest Jewish community in Europe.
The culture of this more than 2,000 year- old Jewish community influenced & influences life in Rome in a variety of ways & sometimes in strange ways, as we will find out.
Even the Roman cuisine bears Jewish influences. The Jewish community itself, of course, was changed by the very important events happening here in Rome over the thousands of years, as was Europe and the whole world.

Our tour starts in the Market Square, “Campo De’ Fiori,”- a colorful and beautiful central market square . This square guards in it a secret about the Roman Jewish life: we’ll get to it as we continue. We are now entering the Jewish Ghetto: this is the Jewish neighborhood where Jews have lived for more than 300 years. Let’s proceed into the Jewish museum and into the big and magnificent synagogue which is one of the most beautiful in all of Europe. After that we’ll pass by the Tiber River through the island of Tiberina to the other side of the river & into an area called: “The Trastevere” , which means “on the other side of the Tiber River.” This magnificent & picturesque neighborhood, with dozens of coffee shops and pizzerias, restaurants and inviting stores, is one of the trendiest areas in Rome. Its past is also connected to Jewish life. After driving around this neighborhood and a coffee & ice-cream stop, we’ll enter the church of Santa Maria in Transtevere, one of the most ancient churches in Rome. We’ll end our tour in another church. In that church, there is a big marble mask called “The mouth of the Truth.” Tradition tells us that if almost every one of you put the palm of your hand in that mouth, the mask will consume your hand. But notice, I said: “Most of you,” not all of you. Why? We’ll find out during our tour.